Tonewedge Guitar Speaker Cabinets

The TONEWEDGE is a speaker cabinet designed for guitar.  These lightweight cabinets have the tone of a 4x12 and can be placed wherever "more guitar" is needed.  With their tilt back design, they can be placed in front of or behind the player.  The TONEWEDGE can be used with any guitar amp and any genre.  Making them the perfect extension cabinet.  Or, use a TONEWEDGE as your only cabinet.  More  info.

"The biggest problem I find with a 4x12 cabinet is, in most cases, the speakers are aimed at the back of your legs.  You must turn the amp up in order to hear it.  This creates extreme stage volume, and blasts the audience with uncontrollable sound.  With a TONEWEDGE you are able to crank it up and not affect anyone else, because it's aimed directly at you." 

-Michael Chapman-Designer/Engineer

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Welcome to Tonesonics.  If you are looking to improve your tone and improve the ability to hear yourself on stage, You've come to the right place. We build and sell Tonewedge guitar speaker cabinets in 1x12 and 2x12 configurations.