TONEWEDGE features:

  • Each TONEWEDGE cabinet is hand made in the USA using premium grade materials.
  • The custom designed "Patent applied for" baffle reduces ear fatigue. 
  • Cabinets can be daisy chained.  With respect to ohms law.
  • Add to a larger rig to increase your "sweetspot" on stage.
  • Includes recessed handles, black metal corners, and eight large rubber feet. 
  • Huge, warm, "In Your Face" tone
  • Custom colors are available upon request at additional charge.    
  • Speakon connectors as well as a direct out can be added upon request.
  • Available unloaded so you can ad your favorite speaker. 

 TONEWEDGE 2x12 features:

  • 2x12" speaker configuration.
  • L/R mono 1/4" inputs.

  • Mono/Stereo operation.

  • Dimensions:  30 1/4"x17 1/4"x16"

  • Email for pricing and availability


As each one is hand crafted, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

To contact us for more information regarding Tonesonics Tonewedge guitar speaker cabinets.  Click Here

    TONEWEDGE 1x12 features:

  • 1x12" speaker configuration.
  • Features 2 parallel 1/4"  jacks.  One on each side.  
  • Easy to transport.
  • Light weight.
  • Dimensions:  20 1/4"x17 1/4"x16"  31 lbs  unloaded.  45lbs  loaded. 

    Practical uses for the Tonewedge:

  • Use as your only speaker cabinet.
  • With a combo amp as an extension cabinet.
  • With a stack as an extension cabinet.
  • Perfect for stereo rigs. 
  • Guitar monitor for the drummer. 
  • Augment your IEM's and get that "Feel" of your guitar back. 
  • Place several Tonewedges around the stage to increase the sound spread without massive volume. 

    The TONEWEDGE is a guitar speaker cabinet in "monitor" or "wedge" form.  The cabinet is tuned specifically for guitar amplification.  The TONEWEDGE houses a single (1x12) or a pair (2x12) of 12" guitar speakers and is ported for extended bass response equal to that of a 4x12 speaker cabinet.   

Sound engineers' rejoice! 

The wedge shape places the speaker cone directly facing the player.  Much like a vocal monitor.  This design enables the player to hear him/herself better without being too loud.  This keeps the player happy.  This also keeps the sound guy happy by not blazing the guitar straight at him.  He can now mic the cabinet and have full control over the front of the house mix.  If you prefer a more traditional setup, then the TONEWEDGE can be placed behind the player like a traditional speaker cabinet or combo.  The 60 degree angle aims the sound directly at the back of the players' head.  A far cry from the backs of their knees. like traditional amps. 

Technical prowess?

The "patent applied for" baffle has a built in difuser to block harmful high end frequencies from reaching your ears.  This doesn't compromise tone what-so-ever.  It only minimizes ear fatique and not being able to hear at the end of the night.  That "ice pick" in the ear sound that gets old half way through the first set is no longer an issue! 

And then some...

All the frequencies are there, and then some!  The  port on the TONEWEDGE is what makes this desgn what it is.  In the 30 degree position, the port acts to increase low end.  Giving the cabinet a much larger feel.  More like a sealed 4x12 cabinet.  In the 60 degree position, the cabinet acts more like an open back cabinet with the port helping to throw and disburse your tone to fill the room.

So, How does it sound?

This cabinet has attitudeAs you feed it more volume, the cab begins to blossom with rich low end.    The low end is pretty tight in spite of it being ported.  No mud.  The diffuser does a great job of taming any harsh high end.  And the midrange is rich and smooth.  Of course, this can all be tweaked by using a different speaker for the tone you're looking for.





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